WTF Wrestling: Top 10 Moves of Kenryu Takadoki

Here are the top 10 moves of Kenryu Takadoki, a wrestler of the Action Zone Wrestling based out of Hawaii. Action Zone Wrestling is a pro wrestling company with a fanbase that “continues to grow”, so they claim. This is somewhat like WWE where we all know that its heavily dramatize fighting or rather acting so to say. However, at least WWE have professional actors in it and AZW? Well from the way they fight I really don’t know what to say. Yes do be prepared to waste some minutes of your life and go WTF at the end of the video. Read on for the video.

Here are the moves in case you have already gotten your mind blown:

#10 Lightning Leg
#9 Vega Wall Climb
#8 Spinning Lariat
#7 Gadouken From Above
#6 Jagaur Tooth
#5 Hundred Hand Slap
#4 Torpedo
#3 Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)
#2 Crane Kick
#1 Sennen Goroshi

Copyright infringement? Nah who gives a damn, they are all so hilariously funny that no one gives a damn. Thank god at least they used some physical skills not skills such as the hadouken or the chidori.

Oh and you got to admit the “Sennen Goroshi” (One thousand years of death from the Anime and Manga Series Naruto) is seriously awesome.

Last but not least, meet the awesome wrestler:

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