Reading Under Circumstances

Since young, I didn’t like reading. It is only under certain circumstances would I pick up the book to read a sentence or two. Now that I have much more time in my hands and the circumstances so fitting for reading, I’ve picked up reading like never before.

I can still remember my primary school days (age 7 – 12) where we had this daily “silent reading” session in the morning. We would have this whole half an hour to read. It isn’t a choice and you have to read something. I’ve tried reading some story books but didn’t like them. I then switched to comic books and the teachers on the other hand disliked them. So it was me staring into pages and pages of books most of the time, pretending that I was reading. I just find no fun in them.

It was not until a little older when I found some books that were pretty interesting. The very first book I’ve completed at will was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” It was really interesting and many of you must be face palming saying that there are plenty of books out there that are as good if not much better. That’s not the point really. I couldn’t pick up reading because I find joy in many other things say the television, computer and video games.

With all that said, I’ve only read under certain circumstances, even if the book was interesting. I would read only when specific items were not available for example the television, computer and so on. Reading is way down my priority list. I mean you can’t really blame me. Being born into a time when the internet is so damn awesome, movies with effects that make people cry and video games so fun that people die from playing them too much. Reading? Oh boy, don’t make me laugh.

However, the circumstances are now very favorable to culture reading. I have no television, no access to the internet or a computer, no videogames to play or movies to watch. That leaves me with nothing but books and I’ve read like never before. Having spent just 3 months or so, I’ve completed almost half a dozen of books. I know it is hilarious and maybe embarrassing but this half a dozen is probably almost equaled to the number of books I’ve read in my entire 19 years of living. I must admit I found joy and entertainment in the books I’ve read but honestly if I had the choice between reading and say watching a movie, the latter will be my immediate pick.

I’ve decided writing on such a topic because this is certainly a huge milestone for me. Half a dozen of books and counting, can you just imagine that? My goodness, I’ve never thought this day would ever come.

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