The Dark Knights

The dark knights come every night. They have stories to tell, songs to sing, poems to recite and adventures to share. It always is lively is filled with noise, laughter, music and dance.

the dark knights

They come at different times throughout the night. Sometimes before sleep and sometimes when only vampires are awake looking for prey. All I am certain is that once one comes the rest will follow soon after. They are something like the Knights of the round table just that in their case it’s called the dark knights of the round table.

They drink and smoke to their hearts content. They sing their favourite song with beats from their hand slapping against whatever object they can find. They talk fascinating tales in a language unknown to me. I wished I understood them better. Perhaps if I did the noise created will not be an irritant but rather music to my ears.

I hate to admit it but I don’t quite like them. The smoking hurts my breathing and the noise affected my rest. Their actions are also sometimes quite disturbing but I guess that’s how they are trained to who they are today.

Who’s to stop them? They are but the dark knights and there’s no stopping them. Fear the nights ladies and gentlemen, for the dark knights raid the night.

The dark knights are coming.

[ image by dunechaser via Flickr]

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