Left 4 Teletubbies L4D Mod

Left 4 Dead Official Box ArtI’ve seen many mods created for Left 4 Dead. It ranges from nudity mods to mods that makes the game a little more freaky.

Today, I’ve stumbled on a video that made me laugh and cry at the same time. I present to you… Left 4 Dead Teletubbies.

It is really funny at first seeing the teletubbies running towards you trying to hug you or something. Then seeing you take your guns shooting the shit out of their faces and bodies makes it even more hilarious. However, after a while of watching it kind of gets scary in a very unique way. As in, kids television programme running towards you waves after waves? Blood dripping from their faces and bodies? Ouch, better not show this to the kids. They might get nightmares or hate you for life.

Flameknight7 made a mod that changes all the common infected to Teletubbies. The complete package comes with a sound mod and you hear the zombies saying “Eh oh” and at the end of a round, listen to the music.

Download the mod here: http://tinyurl.com/left4teletubbies

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