The Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown; the countdown to spending lots of money during Black Friday blinded by impulse and happiness from the release of duty. Friday the 29th of November is the special day. 20 months gone just like that. “Make full use of the 20 months”. I definitely didn’t and I still don’t think I will even if I had the 20 months again. Now let’s be forward thinking, there are endless opportunities and troubles awaiting me.

hour glass

Opportunity like spending all that allowance on needless stuff on the happiest day of my life (yet) only comes once in a lifetime. After that, the transition to adulthood will become a scary reality as the need to juggle between priorities become much more impactful and serious. They say school and service are probably the easiest times of our lives and definitely so. All you had to do is to do your job and follow instructions. There weren’t many decisions to make and consequences to bear. This will not be the case as you become what people term as an “adult”. There will be problems to solve and obstacles to overcome.

On the bright side, at least there is a future for me to look forward to I guess. The clock is ticking and dates are flipping. I can’t wait, I seriously can’t wait any longer.

[photo by Viper193755]

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