How not to sell a Wii

Wii Safety Instructions
The safety precautions diagrams and instructions that are present everywhere in the wii box, manual etc should be followed whether you are a developer, a gamer or even a sales person. This video shows the dangers of not strapping on your wii accessories to your hand. Okay, this ain’t new since such cases are already widely known for quite some time already. However, this is definitely worth a watch. The sales person is on Live television and his job then was to sell the wii. Haha, what a way to smash a lcd screen on live telecast. Now, I hope people who watched will learn from his mistake and not repeat it. Besides, those people who just bought a new set have no excuses for not strapping.

p.s really pity the sales person. Now he’s gotta pay for the damages he has done. oh well, life sucks sometimes.

4 thoughts on “How not to sell a Wii”

  1. Haha thanks for the instructions: nobody wants to throw their wii controller through their tv. It hasn’t happened to me, yet, but it has happened to others. You definitely need to keep these instructions in mind. And if you don’t mind, please checkk out my website God of War Ghost of Sparta, your one-stop-shop for everything videogames.

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