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PC Fifa 11 Demo Impressions

It is the time of the year again, the time when gamers who love the beautiful sport of football get to enjoy both the sport itself in a virtual gaming context. Yes, the release of the next Fifa game by EA Sports is just round the corner. Year after year since 2007, EA Sports have effectively tweaked and refined the gameplay and graphics of the Fifa video game franchise, raising the bar each time it releases a new title. However, this wasn’t the case for PC gamers. PC gamers were simply treated to the same old disgusting gameplay and boring graphics repackaged into the new boxes time and again. Next-gen was the cries of the gamers, the PC couldn’t support the engine was the supposed reason by the developers. The PC is less powerful than the consoles? I highly doubt so. I believe it is just a mere excuse for laziness or simply them not wanting to invest in the PC market. This time round, things are about to change. Fifa 11 PC version is about to hop onto the next-gen engine console gamers have enjoyed for the past 2 to 3 years. This is it. Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Manifesto

Guild Wars 2 is looking real good so far. From the game trailers to the gameplay demonstration, developer diaries write-ups so on and so forth, the game sounds/looks/feels like it is going to be a blast. I’m really all hyped up over this game already. For those of you who do not know, Guild Wars 2 is the sequel (like duh) to Guild Wars, which is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) similar to that of World of Warcraft etc. Continue reading

Interstellar Marines Running Man Released

AAA Indie game Interstellar Marines: Running Man by Zero Point Software was released on the 7th of July. They are inviting you, the gamers, to try it out for free! The game is basically an AAA, Sci-fi FPS game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism. The game currently under development for the PC is planned to be a Trilogy and targets the audience aged 17 and above. Continue reading

Awesome Soccer Game Review

menuAwesome Soccer (the title of the game) is developed by the indie company that goes by the name of Red27 Studios. The game, like its title says, is a soccer game. The game allows gamers to choose from the many different countries and their different leagues and teams. However like most other soccer games with an exception of EA Sports’ Fifa series, they do not have the licence for the real team logo and stuff. With all that said, Awesome Soccer is a 2D soccer game that is out for both the MAC and PC. Continue reading

How not to sell a Wii

Wii Safety Instructions
The safety precautions diagrams and instructions that are present everywhere in the wii box, manual etc should be followed whether you are a developer, a gamer or even a sales person. This video shows the dangers of not strapping on your wii accessories to your hand. Okay, this ain’t new since such cases are already widely known for quite some time already. However, this is definitely worth a watch. The sales person is on Live television and his job then was to sell the wii. Haha, what a way to smash a lcd screen on live telecast. Now, I hope people who watched will learn from his mistake and not repeat it. Besides, those people who just bought a new set have no excuses for not strapping.
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The Stone of Destiny iPhone Game Update

New  version of popular hidden object detective quest  The  Stone  of  Destiny was released by Avallon Alliance. Let’s celebrate the coming of French localization. Only for a week the latest version of the first hidden object game for iPhone is available at App Store at a 30% discount.

“We have thoroughly read all feedbacks and reviews, – Arthur Ostapenko, Founder & CEO of Avallon Alliance says. – Some users told that the art was great but sometimes it was a bit difficult to find little objects. In newest version we have fixed this problem”.

In version 1.3 seeking became more favorable due to extra zoom.

Improved control: double click allows bringing play screen nearer and expand the picture by two fingers.

Translation into French is particularly good solution for The Stone of Destiny because of its detective story. Intriguing plot is the special feature of the game. All stages are tied with text that is read as an adventure novel.

The Stone of Destiny is absolute hit of App Store. A year ago it demonstrated that hidden object was perfect genre for iPhone platform. The game brings memories of the Indiana Jones good old adventures and a spirit of favorite films. All classic of the genre are here for fans of mysteries: yellowed map of the world, shipwrecks, abandoned altars, excavations of mystical temples, libraries in ancient houses, the abyss of variety items created with the help of rich graphics and …a love story.

Remarkable graphical concept mixes comic book style and rich art of main play screens.

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Left 4 Teletubbies L4D Mod

Left 4 Dead Official Box ArtI’ve seen many mods created for Left 4 Dead. It ranges from nudity mods to mods that makes the game a little more freaky.

Today, I’ve stumbled on a video that made me laugh and cry at the same time. I present to you… Left 4 Dead Teletubbies.

It is really funny at first seeing the teletubbies running towards you trying to hug you or something. Then seeing you take your guns shooting the shit out of their faces and bodies makes it even more hilarious. However, after a while of watching it kind of gets scary in a very unique way. As in, kids television programme running towards you waves after waves? Blood dripping from their faces and bodies? Ouch, better not show this to the kids. They might get nightmares or hate you for life.

Flameknight7 made a mod that changes all the common infected to Teletubbies. The complete package comes with a sound mod and you hear the zombies saying “Eh oh” and at the end of a round, listen to the music.

Download the mod here: