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WTF Wrestling: Top 10 Moves of Kenryu Takadoki

Here are the top 10 moves of Kenryu Takadoki, a wrestler of the Action Zone Wrestling based out of Hawaii. Action Zone Wrestling is a pro wrestling company with a fanbase that “continues to grow”, so they claim. This is somewhat like WWE where we all know that its heavily dramatize fighting or rather acting so to say. However, at least WWE have professional actors in it and AZW? Well from the way they fight I really don’t know what to say. Yes do be prepared to waste some minutes of your life and go WTF at the end of the video. Read on for the video. Continue reading

Swearing Baby Toy Phone

When you look hard enough, you will probably find something to pin point about. I’ve seen videos of toy figurines in obscene action poses, MacDonalds happy meal toys that does weird stuff and so on. Today we have something more of a audio kind of thing. Know about those baby toy phones where you press a number and some voice speaks something out? Someone just took that and shows you how much bad knowledge your baby might just be learning and he don’t even realize it. Continue reading

Angry Birds The Movie Trailer

Yet another live action adaptation of the extremely popular game Angry Birds. Yes it is official, Angry Birds is affecting our lives bit by bit. The world is flooded with things related to Angry Birds. We have birthday cakes, cushions, soft toys, casing designs and many many more. From the creators that made the hilarious parody of the iPhone 4G incident comes Angry Birds The Movie. Read on to watch the trailer of the action packed, emotional and dramatic blockbuster. Continue reading

Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch Trailer

I stumbled upon the video at some forums and the first thing that came into my mind after looking at the title was: “Hey isn’t Mark Leung that guy that made some RPG parody video or something?” Yup, I went into the channel, looked at his past videos and indeed, it is the guy back in 2006 that made the rather popular “College Saga”. Really awesome humorous stuff he have there. I was surprised to actually see that he now have a full fledged RPG game released, should be extremely funny as well. Anyways, here it is, the game trailer for his RPG game called: “Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch”, read on for the video. Continue reading

Live Action Angry Birds Peace Treaty

If you play current gen mobile games you should have tried angry birds or at least heard of it. The game is immense and is now serving over a million of mobile users across several platforms such as the iOS as well as the Android. It is an amazingly simple yet addictive game where it tells the story of the battle between the pigs and birds. Apparently these pigs stole the eggs of the birds and they are pissed off, thus they fight them trying to get back the eggs. This popular game has resulted in several reactions from plush toys, pillow cases, artworks and even birthday cakes. Now we have a live action short skit of a peace treaty between the birds and the pigs. Read on for the video. Continue reading