How to Make a Monitor that Only You Can See

Do you want absolute privacy when viewing a display monitor? Learn how to make a special monitor that only you can see. Be prepared to invest some time, effort and money before you can start to enjoy your privacy. Good things don’t come by freely. Do be prepared for people to always think that you’re viewing something wrong once you’ve the special monitor. I mean seriously, why would you need such privacy? Read on for the how to video!

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BatDad – Batman and Family

What happens when you take Christian Bale’s Batman voice, a father with a Batman mask, his children, wife, a smartphone and the discovery of Vine (software) and put them all together? You get several 7 seconds of absolute entertainment. Now not all clips seem very appropriate; especially those where he seemed to have scared the life and soul out of his loved ones (doesn’t seem staged). Other than that, he seems to be a loving father and really friendly as well. Must be weird though to have someone in your house constantly videoing selfies and speaking in such a voice.

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Song about Chinese Food

From the creators of the smashing hit “Friday”, “Chinese Food” is another charts topper. Instead of the amazing Rebecca Black, they have a new child star in the name of Alison Gold. As a Chinese, this song makes me so happy and proud as the different delicacies of my race are honored and loved. Seriously, who would ever love Chinese food so much to the point that they start making a song about it? Alison Gold does (she sings about it), trust her. Continue reading

A Whole Bunch of iPhone 5S 5C Parodies

With the introduction of any new product comes the making of a new parody. The internet has always been doing this to almost everything. Apple’s iPhone is no stranger to such videos and infact is quite the popular topic for aspiring comedians, writers and videographers. The iPhone 5S and 5C have been introduced to us for almost a week already and the number of parodies made is absolutely astonishing. Here is a list of some of the more popular and funnier ones.

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Phonebloks – A Modular Phone Concept

Modularity has its advantages and benefits. Put in what you want and take out what you don’t need. Work on specific components and parts instead of the system as a whole. A PC benefits from “modularity” in the sense that you can simply upgrade certain components say the graphics card and keep the whole system intact without doing a wholesale overhaul. This time around Dave Hakkens is bringing this system into phones. Called Phonebloks, Dave is promoting the concept of modular design to phones, allowing people to simply change parts instead of the whole phone. He explains it in a video right after the jump.

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Introducing the Ubuntu Edge

Did you know that there are other smart phone OSes besides Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows? Mozilla’s Firefox OS is one of the up and coming mobile OS. Together with that, we have the Ubuntu OS for phones. Introducing Ubuntu Edge, a phone that’s not a phone. With the ability to dual boot both Ubuntu phone OS and android, the Ubuntu Edge can also act as a fully functional Ubuntu desktop PC. A phone? Nah, a mobile device rather. Read on for the introductory video.

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