PC Fifa 08 Demo – A Disappointment

The Hype

Seeing the fascinating screen previews of Fifa 08, watching trailers on Fifa 08’s gameplay and reading and hearing interviews, articles etc on how great Fifa 08 is. Indeed I must say, I am really impressed with the text I read and the visual trailers I watch. It got me really hyped up and made me want to have more, whether is it pictures or trailers, I want them all. However, when the long awaited demo came out recently, my hype went down and I was not impressed but depress. It was disgusting (A strong word but it describes the demo really well)

Expecting too much?

The gameplay neither met my expectations nor improved from the previous version (Fifa 07). The graphics were terrible and gameplay the same, if not worst. Of course you people will say that it is just a demo, things will be different when the real thing comes out. But in this real world, first impressions always matters. People still judge the book by its cover. What can I say? I’m glad that at least EA came out with a FIFA 07 replica demo to try impress or let us say to win over Konami’s fans? For heaven’s sake the demo made me want to play Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer even more.

What is bad?

Actually, if you liked Fifa 07, there is nothing bad about Fifa 08’s demo. Why? Simply because Fifa 08’s demo is Fifa 07! Great is it? However, the graphics are worse (You cannot set any settings at all, and default resolution is set to I think 800×600). The players look retarded, animations were choppy and if you ever compare this to their preview screenshots and trailers, you might think that both were different games. The demo lets you play an ordinary match which provides an experience you can feel in Fifa 07. Nothing about the new career mode, nothing about the new management mode. Just normal boring Fifa 07 gameplay. Everything is bad, really bad.

Read through some Fifa/EA lovers at Gamespot and some other gaming sites and found out that most were trying to point out that EA did not promise nor made any statements that Fifa 08 for the pc will be a next-gen game. Ok, (Just to let you guys nor I am neither a fan of Konami nor EA) I will like to reply to that with “Then why come out with Fifa 08? Why come out with another game?”

What is good?


Third-Party Application

There is a third party application which enables you to modify the screen resolution, graphics setting and the AI difficulties. I tried it out however it failed me miserably. The game crashed when resolution was set at anything but 800×600. I do not know about you guys but it did not work out for me. Here is the link for application: http://www.fifaportugal.com/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=290 Hope it works out well for you people.

My Hopes

Nothing much, just hopes that when the real game comes out, it will be better than the demo. Even if the graphics are the same, passing whatever the same, the career mode better be good. That is the only thing I am looking out for in Fifa 08. Till then, PES 2008 seems to be a better game now, good thing Konami does not come out with a retarded demo. If not, no more soccer games for me this year. Sighs

P.S No screenshots for the demo, you can see screenshots of it when playing fifa 07.

7 thoughts on “PC Fifa 08 Demo – A Disappointment”

  1. when i downloaded the demo, i tried to play it but the screen went black when i started the game and i had to manually turn off the computer. i redownloaded it 2 more times from different websites, same problem. WHY?

  2. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Demo Review | Swift World, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  3. hey i have da same problm…
    i cant play fifa 08 demo on pc
    da black screen comes up wen i start da match

    som1 help
    fifa 06 n 07 works on my pc

    any1 hav da same prblm?

  4. I read through some forums etc and it states that it might be some problem with your graphic card or driver. If not did you ever once installed the demo expander? If so, reinstall everything, install it back again without putting the demo expander and it might work.

    The demo expander seem to cause much problems for specific people.

  5. Its the Graphics Card. Had same black screen prob.. doesnt support Ge_force mx 440..gotta upgrade it to play the games. read the fine print behind e game box. upgrade to 5200 and above to enjoy it

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