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Car Troller Simpler LevelCar Troller (sounds like con-troller) is as the name suggests, controlling cars. You control traffic lights on different roads and try to avoid accidents while sending cars across to the other side as fast and efficient as you can. Simple objective, addictive gameplay. Car Troller is now out for the iPhone and iPod Touch at a price of $0.99.Car Troller Score Calculation

Car Troller is a simple game. There are traffic lights on the roads of each level. Each level presents to you with different intersections with different placement of the traffic lights. You are able to control these traffic lights to show the green (go) or red (stop) light. Tap on the traffic light once to change its light colour. Each level, you are to guide a target number of cars while avoiding a given number of accidents. The smoother the traffic flows, (cars getting from one end to the other in shorter time. Traffic lights not stationary at one coloured light for too long etc), the more points you get.Car Troller Level Selection

When vehicles crash, you have to make sure that you stop all traffic from all roads (when possible) for vehicles that move in a faster velocity do have a shorter reaction time thus resulting in even more collisions. Points are given based on the difficulty of the challenge, the effectiveness of which the traffic flow moves, the amount of time left and the number of accidents occurred. There are several different types of vehicles in the game. The different types of vehicles all have varied speed. This adds a level of difficulty as well as strategy to the gameplay. Larger vehicles such as trucks move slower while nimble tiny motorcycles move at a much faster speed.

There are levels where traffic wardens are given. You have to use them sparingly due to them having a cool down timer. They can stop a traffic flow for an indefinite time but if you do release it before the timer cools down, you have to wait before you can use it again. You can just leave it to stop the traffic of that particular road for a long time but that will cause a traffic jam and you losing the level at the end. Plan ahead, observe the roads carefully and strategize how you’re going to make the traffic move as smooth as silk.Car Troller Level

There are a total of 20 levels, not a lot to be frank. No other modes available or online gameplay etc. It thus lacks in the replayability value besides the fact that a high score board is present. I would love to see levels added in future updates and new game modes such as perhaps an unlimited sandbox mode where you can just keep playing and see the amount of score you are able to chalk up before a number of given accidents. Maybe an online mode will be fantastic as well or some kind of co-op levels to try out with a friend. Another thing that would make the game wholesomely good will be a level editor. Who don’t want to make their own traffic hell?

The graphics of the game is pleasant and colourful. I really kind of like how the levels are presented. The design varies and even though it is simple 2d graphics, they are really well done. The sound effects are sufficient, nothing too outstanding in this department. There is one thing I like to praise would be the uncomplicated (to me) physics engine implemented within the game. When cars crash, they do react in a manner that seems logical. When many cars crash, the scene might sometimes be very amusing and you might want to see it a second time.

What the game really lacks is the game modes as well as the replayability. Sure it is fun to maybe try to aim for a higher score but who wants to play that same old level with that same objective over and over again? Other than that, this game is fun and while the fun is short-lived, it only costs a mere $0.99.

App Store Link: Car Troller

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