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Happy Teachers’ Day 2009

The actual day itself is supposed to be tomorrow, the 1st of September. But of course, it is better to be early than late, it is better to do it now than never (was worried that I might feel lazy tomorrow). Today, the school celebrated as well with tomorrow being a holiday for all staff and students. Teachers’ Day is always special to different students and the different studying stages they are currently in.

I remembered that during my primary school days, teachers’ day was the day where lessons wouldn’t be carried out at all.  My friends would come to school earlier to do up the blackboard (Yes, during my primary school time, we still used chalk and the blackboard.), using chalks of different colours, they would design some kind of greetings to our teachers. That itself, obstructs teachers from using the board thus they simply let us have free time during lessons.  It has almost been the same since Primary 4, where the board always gets filled up with beautiful wordings and greetings. After that, we would have some performances and stuff like that before actually finally going home. Continue reading

It is an Endless Road

Finished one, woohoo! Finished three, HELL YEAH! Looking ahead, I still got more. And more, and more. There isn’t an end to all this. Of course, life is like an endless road, so are my studies. Projects just keep coming in. Presentations just keep reappearing. Work, never ends. This mountain, has no peak. And I ain’t liking it one bit. Come on, give me a break. Reports after reports, presentations after projects, mini tests after test. That’s the life of a student and I shouldn’t be complaining. But hey, it is nice to let off steam and shit some times. I mean, it does good to your health. Keeping all the crap you get from school all by yourself ain’t cool. It gives you wrinkles. Continue reading

Getting Busier Every New Day

Ahh, weekends just come and go within the blink of the eye. Homework keeps piling up like there’s no tomorrow. It is like the saying goes, one mountain compared to another is taller than the other. So this homework mountain will never stop growing taller. For every new day, a new mountain is formed. This time, each new mountain becomes taller and taller as the homework stacks up. Managed to get rid of a few other holiday homework (yes 2 weeks after holidays and I’m still on them) and I believe I am left with just one set of worksheets left which I don’t have any intention of doing. Continue reading

AYG 2009 – Pathetic

Asian Youth Games 2009 Logo
Are you aware of the Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009 currently ongoing at Singapore? It is exactly like the Asian Games, except that it is for the youth. Well, I wasn’t really informed about it till they broadcast one of the group stages of soccer on television. I only knew about the YOG (Youth Olympic Games) but nothing about the AYG at all. I was shocked that there was such a thing and even more when I come to know that it is held at Singapore. Why? I don’t think I’m that stupid or ill-informed to not know about such big and somewhat global event. Instead, I’ll blame it on the poor management and organization of the event. Continue reading

PC Show 09 For 20 Mins

Singapore Crowd

Went down to the PC Show at Suntec yesterday, 12/6/09, for around 20 mins or so. Went together with a bunch of friends with no intention or purpose of purchasing anything at all. We went there, because we were nearby and had nothing else to do at that point of time. From many of my previous experiences of IT Shows and show, crowd was a huge turnoff for me. Yesterday however, wasn’t too bad. Crowd was tolerable highly due to the timing we went (1pm afternoon) and the day (Friday, a weekday which also means a working day for adults).

Because we didn’t have anything to buy, the fair bored us very quickly. There was nothing new or anything interesting to look at, prices weren’t that cheap nor were they even cheap at the first place, and for me every corner and booth I went felt so familiar. This is due to me going to the previous IT Show earlier this year and the products that they were selling were almost exactly the same with that of the PC Show. Prices were almost the same as well.

20 mins or so of walking before we left as the crowd started to become an irritant to us. No point staying there anyways since I didn’t have any money to purchasing anything and that my computer is still fantastic up to date.

That is the PC Show for me. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Wasn’t hyped up one bit at all. Continue reading

sgBeat – Singapore Twitter

sgBeat LogoYet another local service has popped out. This time, it is a twitter clone. It works and serves the purpose of twitter. Of course, sgBeat caters mostly to the Singaporean users and its aims are that of introducing twitter to the Singapore netizens. Basically sgBeat is a twitter clone which links to twitter. Instead of “twitting”, you “beat” like how your heart would. I guess it means that you can write whatever you are feeling at that very moment so on and so forth. Instead of being a bird, you become a heart. How cool is that! Features are exactly similar to that of twitter with nothing out of the ordinary except the fact that by “beating” at sgBeat you have the ability to send that to twitter as well. This is rather smart in my opinion as Singaporean users will have little to complain or anything as sgBeat would serve as yet another twitter cilent thereabouts while giving them the ability to communicate with local twitters.
Continue reading