SIGHT The Future of Seeing

The future of seeing is right here in this very short film. How will you imagine our future to be? Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo sure has taken the gift of sight to a whole new level. Welcome to the future, where augmented reality is everything. It sure is cool to have such technology but as the video also suggests *SPOILER*, it may be a danger as well. See it to believe.

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Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport is one of the top airports in the world. Whether is it the service wise, facilities or the general experience at the airport, it ranks one of the highest in the world. Adding to its highly regarded reputation of being a world class airport is a work of art called Kinetic Rain. Kinetic rain consists of 608 rain droplets that are made out of lightweight aluminum. They are suspended by the use of thin steel ropes that are all connected to a motor that is hidden in the ceilings above. From there, the rain droplets can move and form different shapes and structures that are simply gorgeous to watch. Be prepared to stop and stare. Continue reading

Dumbledore was a Jedi

Have you seen the latest special collectors’ edition of the Harry Potter movies? I heard there are some deleted scenes that no one ever knows about. For example, did you know that Dumbledore was actually a Jedi knight? A twist for you to ponder about. If you don’t believe me, read on to watch the video showing some scenes that are ripped off from the newest released collectors edition. Continue reading

Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm

Meet BRAD, Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm. Automated lighting, curtains and music are just some of the functionalities of BRAD. BRAD responds to voice commands, apps on various platforms and timer based scripts. This is indeed one of the coolest dorm rooms that I have ever come across. To spend that much time, effort and money into making all the different things work is simply worthy of much praise. Read on for some inspirations for your next room makeover project.

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What Is There in the Darkroom?

Prepare a camera and be prepared to be amazed. To fully enjoy what you are about to see, you will require to have a camera that has the fuctionality of adjusting the shutter speed. Smartphone cameras will do as well with the help of special apps such as “Shutter Cam” (as mentioned by the producer of the video). Have your camera ready? Read on for the video and be sure to follow the instructions at the beginning.

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Google Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses

Well the big brother is about to change the way you look at things forever. Introducing Google’s Project Glass, augmented reality is coming soon right before your very own eyes. See the world in a totally different manner. It totally feels like a hollywood movie, just that this time it is going to get real. Getting directions, weather forecasts, latest news and updates will happen right before your eyes. It sounds absolutely futuristically fantastic. Read on for the video introducing Project Glass. Continue reading