NBA All Stars 2012 Funny Commentary

I know the NBA All Stars game for 2012 is long over. Nevertheless, here is a hilarious commentary on the match, simulated using the video game NBA 2k12 with added commentary from, according to the video description, Britain’s top netball commentator Anthony Richardson. Besides the awesome British accent, the ignorance and total cluelessness on basketball make it one hell of a hilarious commentary. Read on for the video.

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Quest for Style and Substance 2

A book may look fantastic on the cover but the content within it may be simply garbage. Likewise, a book may look terrible on the cover but the words within it speak great volume. A combination of both style and substance brings about what I would refer to as perfection. Indeed, to have both style and substance is incredibly difficult in real life. However, it is my quest to search for both that perfect blend of style and substance, in the virtual football world of Fifa 12. Yes, this is the next episode of my Fifa 12 gaming commentary series and the whole introduction was nothing but filler nonsense. Continue reading

Fifa 12 Gaming Commentary

If you’ve followed me for the past few weeks you should know that I’ve come to own a Colossus. The Colossus is basically a HD-PVR (High Definition Personal Video Recorder) that you can use to record video footage from a source. My main objective then to get such a device was mainly to record game content and to try out doing video related content such as video reviews, gameplay showcases etc. I also wanted to do gaming commentaries so here it is, my first try on a gaming commentary video. The game I used and will be using for this particular series of commentaries will be Fifa 12 on the PS3. Read on for the video. Continue reading

Left 4 Dead Fan Movie Teaser

Fans are often the case for value adding in the gaming and entertainment industry. We have communities that make mods that change your gaming experience entirely for the better, we have people who come out with fixes and workarounds to ease certain burdens, and we also have people who go the extra mile to show their love for a particular game by creating a fan movie film. Inspired by the well received Left 4 Dead, a survival horror zombie FPS game, Northern Five Entertainment together with Airsoft GI are producing a fan film. Read on for the teaser video. Continue reading

Fruit Ninja The Movie

Its Fruit Ninja, the movie. Many video games are getting some hollywood attention. One of the more recent and perhaps exciting talks are on the Assassin Creed movie. Oh yeah that does sounds fantastically awesome. Put that aside, we have some fruit slicing and ninja action going on here. Know Fruit Ninja? That mobile game where you destroy precious fruits to get points and how you should evade the bombs at all times? We now have a movie for it, a movie trailer at least. Continue reading

Arcade Ghost Squad Live Action Role Play Gamer

We have all sorts and kinds of gamers: pro gamers, competitive gamer, casual gamer, role playing gamers and so on. Today, we have an elite role playing arcade champion gamer. I’ve once been to my local arcade and witness someone who completely owned one of the shooting game. If I remembered correctly it was the game called Rambo or something like that. At one point he was talking on the phone and shooting with one hand. And as you expect, right before the enemy would appear fully he would have already shot them down. Amazing? Well, yes indeed unless you see this amazing gamer at work. Continue reading