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The iPad can do many wonderful things such as watching videos, being a personal GPS navigator, gaming and many more. There is also one more thing that the iPad can do and does it really well, that is being a digital clock. Yes, that is going to be one expensive digital clock but hey, if it works out well why not? I mean, you can use it as per normal in the day time and before sleeping use it as an alarm clock. To aid you with that, we have many apps that provide such a feature and today I have 2 of such clock apps that will turn your iPad or iPhone into a beautiful magnificent digital clock.

Both the clock apps that I will be covering are from the same developers On5. The first clock app is called Xmas Time. Yes, I know I’m a little late on the Christmas themed stuff but this clock still serves the purpose well enough. What you get for this digital clock app is a nice hot sexy lady in Santa’s clothing drawing the minute and hour hand of a clock. Thus every time she would go forward and start erasing whichever hand and then shifting it accordingly. Kind of cool actually but for its price tag of $1.99, I’m not sure if it would be a better alternative to their other digital clock app. Of course the big bonus to this is the lady, but hey the internet is there for a reason ya?

Xmas Time ($1.99) iTunes App Store Link

The other clock app is called On5 Clock. This is a free digital clock app with purchasable in-app content. How it works is basically giving you the functionality of a digital clock together with alarm features. There are several different skins to choose from, mostly free while a few others requires you to pay a little more. Nonetheless, the free skin provided looks awesome and stylish. I’m not kidding you, not one of them look boring and they all have nice animations and graphics to it. The only downside between the On5 Clock and some other digital clock is the lack of features such as perhaps weather or something? But I guess it does the job well and I actually kind of like the fact that it is stripped to the bear functionality of telling the time and not loaded with so many other bloatware. Simplicity is beauty yes? And for the price tag of FREE I don’t see why you’re not using such an app if you are looking towards using the iPad to tell the time in a fashionable and pleasing manner.

On5 Clock (FREE) iTunes App Store Link

P.S I did search up on whether using such apps would burn the screen out or reduce the lifespan of the device and to my surprise, there doesn’t seem to be indication that the device would get affected even with prolong usage. Nevertheless I still believe it might reduce the lifespan of your device a little, but not significant enough to cause any worries so use without any doubts!

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