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End of Term 1 Round Up 2009

acr1School’s term has ended. This in other words mean that it is time to do some reflections and thinking on both my own personal endeavors and well as that of the site. This term has been hectic for me. As of all term 1’s, time was much of the essences. Poor time management would mean handing homework late, failing to have adequate gaming time as well as the lack of sleep and rest. My time management skills are terrible and I’m in no way proud of it. Still I managed to pull through the 3 months and survived with average results. Although CCA wise there was the cancellation of the founder’s day parade, it was still as tough as ever for now I’ve become a senior and the planning of trainings etc are all done by me and the rest of the leaders. In addition, project work is extremely taxing for I had to travel to some centre every Monday and Tuesday to carry out the project. Continue reading

Dustbins spotted in Swift World

Yup! As you may have observed. I’m a new author in Swift World. I’m pretty new to the blogging scene and a poor user of the English language. I hope you will forgive all my mistakes pertaining to my language, especially English.

I guess every blogger needs to write an introduction about himself so here’s mine in the next paragraph.

I first met a 10 year old Swift in an awesome Half-Life mod called International Online Soccer back in 2003. That is our favourite game back then and we spent countless hours playing it everyday. Unfortunately, the game never gets popular in Asia and Swift quited the game eventually. However, we still kept communicating and talking to each other through messenger. Now I’m currently serving National Service – having completed my diploma last year.

At the request of Swift, I joined as a guest author here to help keep the site updated more frequently (doubt so). I will be mainly posting about reviews and tutorials when I have the time. That all I guess, good bye =). – Bloggers’ Social Network

I’ve heard of MyBlogLog and blogcatalog before but never really had the motivation to sign up for either one of them. Webmasters and bloggers alike all recommend them for they bring people of similar interest together and so on. This thus results in making friends as well as having an increase of traffic. I don’t really know if they are similar to that of BloggerUnited but they all have that widget bar thingy to show you users that have just visited the site etc. BloggerUnited is a rather new startup, currently in Continue reading

Social Networking for Sack Boys/Girls

SackBook - Social networking for Sack Boys/Girls
SackBook - Social networking for Sack Boys/Girls

Hello Sack Boys/Girls! There’s a site available specially for people who live in Little Big Planet! Sackbook is a social networking site for gamers who play LittleBigPlanet. You can find and meet people with same interest as you. Also, it features a section whereby people can recommend levels to play! The site I believe is still heavily developing and therefore many features aren’t available yet. Still it is a cool site for people like you and me who love to have fun in Little Big Planet.


ExitReality A New Way of Browsing

ExitReality is a browser’s browser. To elaborate further, it is somewhat like a plugin to be run in a browser to provide the viewer with a whole new way of browsing. Therefore, it is a browser’s browser! What is so special about this browser is that it gives you a whole new way of looking at one’s website; in 3D. Yes you can type in any Tom, Dick or Harry’s website and it will transform it into a 3D way of viewing. In addition, one can edit how his site looks like in the 3D view to his heart content. Whether is it adding a new car or some kind of decorative item, you can do so by just dragging and dropping the items you want. Then place it at the position you like and you can finally save your masterpiece. One problem though is that it does not work really well with blogs. This is because the plugin reads all links of each individual blog post, and convert it to one of its own link. For example at my site I have ShareThis links. The plugin would then convert all the sharethis links into one individual 3d object, causing the place to look cluttered up and disgusting at times. Nonetheless this is an extremely interesting way of browsing and viewing websites but the debate of whether 3d would be the new-gen of web browsing, I would firmly stand on the side of a definite “no”. This is mainly because it is too slow, and destroys the purpose of web design anyway (since it converts the website to its own 3D design).

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Do the Polar and 2.6

Just received a event to “Do the David Gan”. Hmm, I was supposed to take a picture of me having my hand on my shoulder showing off my branded watch. Well, I guess following someone else was kind of like stupid, so I decided to, “Do the Polar … Bear”. Right so heres a picture of my bear, doing the polar bear.

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.6 (huh? So soon? Yes I had the same reaction). Hit the jump for a video done by the official team on the new features etc.

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Woopra Review

At long last my site got approved. The screenshots they provided were awesome. The features they promise sound fantastic. Finally, I got to try it for myself. Just a brief introduction what Woopra is. Woopra is a traffic statistic tool used by webmasters to record down traffic details etc. Just take for example google analytics. It is somewhat like that but more of a desktop application. In addition, it uses beautiful and detailed graphs to display information, adds more features such as chatting with the users that is currently online etc. A small but great little tool for webmasters to use.

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