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June Reflections + NPCC Monopoly

June 08 has been a month that is extremely packed and fulfilling. As most of you know, June has always been a month that students loved. The month of the semester break which means a wholesome 30 days of rest, fun and whatever. I have always had the same semester break for the all the past years. However, 2008 had been totally different. 2008 semester break has been nothing but chaotic, hectic and tiring. Rest? Nah, spent my days and time running around, flying and crossing islands. You can actually read it here at this article:

With that I’ll just shift the focus to what had recently taken place. An NPCC event, yes again. This time it just happen a few hours ago so I can still remember whatever that have had happen vividly. I just participated in a NPCC Monopoly game competition. Monopoly? The board game? Well you can say so, but instead, it is somewhat a life-sized version of the game. Alright, I know all of you will go rolling your eyes already, me too when I first heard it was the monopoly, I was like hell yeah, slack and fun. However, to my surprise, it was a LIFE-SIZED monopoly. My immediate reaction? For heavens’ sake, no way! Still, I went and must say it was alright, not too boring or retarded as I thought it might be.

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SGBlogAwards Great? Maybe recently hosted the first ever (more hyped up I guess and bigger scaled to be called the first) Singapore Blog Awards. A competition for Singaporean based blogs I guess. There are several categories, 10 to be exact and I participated in one of them; the youth category. Its only criteria was that the blogger must be 16 and below. Bloggers that are not too handsome, not too tall, not too thin are all accepted. Even bloggers that have fetishes over polar bears are welcomed. It states that as long as you are a blogger (Singaporean) 16 or younger, you are eligible.

They contacted those who got through the first selection process by phone. I, being either lucky or a person that is worthy of being selected, had been called up by one of their staff (I think) to inform me about my acceptance into the top, well 10. I guess I felt happy, and excited at the same time upon receiving their call. It was kind of unexpected for them to call. I did not know how the selection process was like, or what or how they chose the top 10 of each category. But nevertheless I am hopeful and anxious to know what the results will be like and for the next few days I’ll be trying to pull votes in.

I hate my icon given to tag on my blog. Just take a look:

Why can’t I have stuff like:


Vote me or whatever. My bear wants the phone (Excuses. Heh)

Youth Category Link (I Play fair. You don’t have to vote me. Choose the best for yourself. May the best win I guess. *Shrugs*)

Report and Reflections: March April May 08

March April May 08 reports are all combined together for a few reasons. Throughout all three months, I have been extremely busy with school and other activities. Mid-year examinations are very important and therefore had to spend a little more time preparing for it than usual. For March I had a camp during the week break and loads of homework on other days. April was the preparations for the mid-year examinations and half of May itself was the papers themselves. All of these adding up give me little to no time at all to compile any data or anything for presentation. However, now that my first semester holidays are on the way, I had some time (little though as I still have a lot of other activities undergoing) to dish this report up.

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Successfully Upgraded to 2.5

Woohoo! Finally, some time to post something. Well, to be real honest with you guys, I was being rather lazy lately thus the lack of updates. You can’t really blame me for being lazy as there isn’t much to talk about recently. Reviews? Nah, I can’t take screenshots of the PS3 games as my camera sucks. That deprives me of reviewing the games I played. How about … my life? Nah. I don’t want to bore any of you with my monotonous life. However, I’m glad to say that I finally found something that actually motivates me to update. WordPress new version, 2.5! They did a major uplift for the dashboard interface, added some cool new features that are useful and basically I guess did some security fixes etc. You can see their full changelog and release notes at their site. Anyways, I have and must talk about some of the new stuff I love as they really make me love wordpress more.
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Report and Reflections: February 08

February 08 had been extremely hectic and stressful for me. There were extra curriculum activities, competitions and examinations to cope with, resulting in extremely packed and tiring days and weeks. However, I did beforehand tell you readers that my examinations went rather well (for me). I am glad to say that though the days were tough and exhausting, I managed to endure through them. Also, I took a scholarship test in the month of January and the results are out. I am sad to say that I have failed to clinch the scholarship and that I have wasted the opportunity to get a free education till I am 18 and a cash amount of $15,000 (for 4 years after deducting the miscellaneous fees etc). How sad. Demoralized and down but still, life has to go on. Besides, it is just $15,000, an amount that JUST requires me to earn the same amount the site is currently earning for around a century. Hmm that was kind of sarcastic but oh well. What is gone is gone, there is no point crying over spilt milk. Perhaps I did not have the capabilities or the potential to be one of the creams of the crop. Nevertheless, the site has been doing rather well; increasing inhabitants visiting it (did not reach my target though). Oh and lastly, I have learnt how to record in-game footage for the PS3 WOO. Boo though as the resolutions are like terribly disgusting. Right, perhaps I’ll grab some screenies from other sites or freelance ps3 gamer screen capturers (asking permission of course). Till then, I guess that is all I have and below is the details of the events that took place and some of my goals for what lies ahead.

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Incoming BoxWave Products is a site that sells accessories mainly for mobile devices and even portable gaming consoles. From protective screens to add-ons for the PSP (Playstation Portable) it is a must for people who want to maximize their experience with their different gadgets. The products sold are not too pricey, average in my opinion. Quality etc is yet to be known as I have yet to receive the products I have been offered. Yes that is right, I am about to give a review on their different products that interests me. (They are sending it to me for free. How sweet. My second so far, first goes to the PQ Talking Software, free commercial product review.) These are the products that actually interests me the most (I have none of the phones that is compatible with their accessories. However I do have a PSP and thus all products that I chose are for the PSP):
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Report and Reflections: January 08

January 08I would first like to open the end of month report for the month of January 08 with apologies for being inconsistent in producing such reports in year 2007. I admit that I was lazy and thus not wanting to go through so much hassle just to come out with reports that most people do not care at all. I am neither a professional blogger earning tons of money, nor a blog celebrity that people care what I think but nevertheless, I think such reports are musts. Whether people read it or not, taking time to reflect and think about what I did recently is really important for not only improving oneself but also to remind oneself not to repeat mistakes that had been made. Thus, with much thinking and planning, I decided that from this year onwards, every month, without fail, will have such a report.

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