NPCC ATC CAMP 2007 19 OCT – 21 OCT

Today my NPCC (A uniform youth organization for secondary schools in Singapore, National Police Cadet Corps) ATC (Adventure Training Camp) just ended. Feeling really exhausted and tired now. The camp seriously was pretty tough even though there were no drills. Though it was tiring, it sure does have its fun moments. Kayaking was fun and so was the rock wall climbing. Other activities taught us important life skills such as map reading and how to use the compass. Anyways, I will list out the activities in the different days and my thoughts and feelings about them.

Day 1

Day 1 was pretty much easy. Nothing much to do except doing the administrative and miscellaneous stuff. Went to the camp and Pulau Ubin around 12 pm or so. Waited there for all other schools to come till around 1 pm I think. (I am not too sure about the timing as I did not wear a watch nor was allowed to) After that, we help take the rations, count the number of mass tins, stoves etc. After all of that we went to pitch out tents. There was around 6 people pitching one tent, and there was only 2 people in our group who were familiar with tent pitching (that includes me) so we were a little slow in the end. After the tent pitching, we were sorted into different groups whereby we will be put with different cadets from different schools. Dinner followed and I did not eat much as there was no stoves available and time was really tight. I am a kind person so I sacrifice the food and let my other fellow cadets to eat (Heh). The day ended with us sorted into different tents etc.

Conclusion and thoughts

Day 1 was rather boring. Pretty much filled with activities to know and socialize with other people from other different schools. Still, I am rather anti-social so I only mix around with members from my schools only (there was two of them). In addition, I finally realize how fortunate I am to be able to drink water that has no funny taste in Singapore than it is in the camp. The water provided tasted horribly weird and salty. Lastly, it was rather hard to sleep in the tent. The hard ground, space constraint made sleeping a really tough activity to do (It was 6 people to a tent).

Day 2

Day 2 was where the real activities began. Woke up at around 3 am to do sentry duty. We were lead by one of the CI (Cadet Inspector) around the campus and were informed about the different things we ought to look out for when patrolling the area. Gone back to sleep and then woke up at 6 am for stupid PT (Physical Training). I never liked such activities where by much energy is required (Call me a sissy or anything but dude, that is just personal likings and what not.) Oh well, did pushups, crunches and jumping jets and breakfast followed. Orientating, kayaking and rock climbing followed (in that order) and the day ended with a camp fire.

Conclusion and thoughts

Camp fire was totally unenthusiastic. All the songs and cheers were totally unknown to me. What was the best and lasted the shortest was the kayaking. Besides that, everything else is boring and physically too demanding. As usual, all three meals were just biscuits and some baked beans. Still surviving and with minds filled with thoughts of being able to go home within 24 hours, everything is possible.

Day 3

Gone home

Conclusion and thoughts

Home is sweet.

A Side Note

Sorry. I know that was totally boring. Therefore to cut short, I did not finish the last day. Anyways, that was all bullshit. Waiting for PES 2008 to come and then it is time to PARTY! Reviews on Thrillville Off the Rails coming up and so is Puzzle Quest. For now, good night. Sorry for wasting your time. I simply had the urge to bore you.

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  1. Not too bad lah. Day 1 practically just pitch tent then Day 2 activities start (High element, low element etc) campfire than Day 3 is whole day almost just clean up.

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