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Music rhythm games are plentiful throughout the gaming universe. We had the rather well known Dance Dance Revolution starting up everything. Basically music rhythm games are whereby music is played (obviously), and players had to hit the notes they see on the screen. Really simple gameplay style, but definitely proves to be effectively fun and addictive. There are several adaptations of this gameplay style and up to now, there are almost a dozen of games out there that play in such a manner. However, the good and the bad are separated greatly. Today in this article I will be touching on the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) dance game called High Street 5.

Speaking about dancing rhythm styled games (also music rhythm games, all have same ideas), we can come out with a few names immediately. However when we say it is a MMO styled dancing rhythm game, that is something different and unique. High Street 5 can be said to be the direct competitor of Audition, another game that is almost the same in terms of gameplay. I picked up the game when it was in its early stages under the first publisher (Snailgame – the developers themselves). It was in chinese and I did not quite understand much of the storyline or how to play the game to its fullest potential. However, what I was impressed and was surprised was the outstanding graphics and catching music. When compared the Audition, I would say High Street 5 beats it hands down. That however is just my opinion. Graphically it is stunning and realistic, music wise it has the latest Chinese pop hits and some famous English songs. Whatever it is, the graphics are engaging and the music unforgettable.


It is a huge game and a fantastically long download if your internet is average. Around 1.5gb installer, you get nearly hundreds of different kinds of customizations you can apply to your character. From top to bottom, left to right, the game definitely does not lack in providing something you can put on to make yourself the best or most stylish dancer in the game. The game itself has also several hit songs (both English and Chinese) but the lack of quantity definitely makes it a boon after playing continuously for some time. The way it divides players into rooms and enabling them to dance any time they want is something unique and interesting. The way the story is first delivered is also intriguing as voiceovers are used (the first time I ever heard for such games, or even MMOs). The realistic way it presents itself surely attracts audiences of all ages.

The beautiful map of HighStreet 5


For a MMO game that is free, the graphics are awfully colourful and beautiful. Different accessories and clothes all look sleek and awesome, making it a must to get them all no matter if you need it or not. The different varieties and style of clothes gives the opportunity to shape their character the way they want. The surroundings are all colourfully lighted and filled with appealing buildings, objects such as chairs tables and also populated with sufficient npcs (Non-Playable Characters). Whenever a perfect combo is achieved or when you are using a finisher, the special effects without doubt makes it even more heroic and accomplishing for the player. In my opinion the graphics made and used is comparable with games that you pay for. Not too good but it is there, average. However, since this is a free game, we will compare it to other free games. When that is done, I would say High Street 5 beats almost all of them hands down.

People dancing out their hearts


A music game ought to have good music and good sound effects. High Street 5 is no exception. Songs that are heard throughout the game ought to be familiar with people who listen to latest or current pop songs etc. The majority of the songs are in Chinese (famous Chinese pop songs) as the game was developed by a Chinese company. Nevertheless there are some English songs as well that are equally good. High Street 5 definitely brings Chinese or perhaps the Asia continent together (excluding Japan) with its perfect choice of songs and sound.


Simplistic gameplay. Instead of notes, you have arrow signs. You’ll start from pressing from 1 arrow sign to a whopping number of 10 arrow signs in the same amount of given time. You press the arrows as you see on the screen (dance steps), and then you successfully execute it when the beat is correct (a bar with a moving circle. Once the circle reaches an area, you press the spacebar to execute it. The closer it is to the desired point, the better your score. Basically they rate your accuracy with perfect, cool, ka-good, bad or miss) In addition, you get to use special moves when your “high” bar gets filled up. It is something like the more you dance the hippier you get. The hippier you get the better special moves you can execute. Kind of similar to a scenario whereby you start taking drugs and going wild. And lastly you can use items that help you get high faster (like drugs) or stop yourself from feeling fatigue or anything. There are several different modes in the game. Team battles, couple dancing etc. All are rather gimmicky and just tweaks the normal single gameplay a little. For example when you go to couple mode, you dance with a partner. So basically there will be a whole bunch of notes appearing on screen whereby some are greyed out, and some remaining in their original colours. Therefore, you straightforwardly know that the greyed out notes are not for you to care but only to take note of the coloured ones. That is already one different mode. Other modes are like I said before different but not too much.

Just some random dancing.

There are shops you can go to and start window shopping or spending some cash to dress yourself up. You can choose from a variety of different styles to suit your own playing manner or likings. New dance moves can also be purchased at the dance studio and you can start flunking them off to your friends. You yourself also have a “home” to go to, and in there you basically can do all the necessary such as admiring your own dance moves you have already learnt, set the systems settings in case of any lag, dress into your favorite emo dress or whatever and also view the cream of the crops in the game. Cool and new I must admit.

Lag is present if your computer cannot take the graphics demanding game. Of course you can set everything to low but when faced with huge amounts of players dancing at the same time in the same place, you start feeling your computer tiring out and letting go. You, because of the lag, suddenly become much worse than before because whenever you want to get your perfect hit, the lag comes out of the blue and lag the hell out of you. Causing you to miss and feel depress. Sometimes maybe because of internet connection, you will only view your notes when you have only 2 seconds to press them in. This also frustrates me and would also to you.

My home. How comforting.

Playable songs are not plentiful but are all of great quality. You may request for songs to be played by selecting the NPC that is a DeeJay. Songs might get boring after long hours of continuous gaming as you might feel that the songs are repeated almost thrice. However, after some time you might want to take a break and start chit chatting with the people there. No problems, the game offers you the ability to make new cyber friends as they provide you with a “cellphone” to keep in touch and a “mailing” ability to mail your friends. Play, communicate, have fun. Basically that is what the game provides and produces.

One last final pointer about the game. You can actually record your in-game footage (the dancing parts) by clicking on the saving of replay for your dance for that particular song. Rather cool and best for reliving the epic moments whereby you scored a full perfect for that particular time. Have yet to explore much of it yet but from the looks of the Chinese website, there are several videos members made that you can download and watch. Watch a feel and was really impressed by the professionalism and the quality.


It is free! What do you expect? Its quality is fantastically good for a free game and is a must if you love music, or just love to show off your ability to react and press according to what the computer wants you to press. Though there is presence of some lag at times it is definitely not going to hinder or frustrate you too much to the point that you cannot take it and quit. However, what worries me most is the availability of purchasing items using real money unbalancing the whole game. Well, that is how most free games earn money so can’t complain much. Overall the game is not too bad and is worth a try (especially for music fans and rhythm gamers).

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  1. Of all the stuff out there crying to be written on… Anyways nice review i might actually try this out o.O

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  2. What other stuff are there to write? Tell me lor. i see if interesting I write about it.

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  3. hi all im sanno fro mumbai i want this game if any one can give me so reply me on im 15 yrs old bye allll

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    1. you can download from the site i think. search up highstreet 5 on google and you’ll get there.

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