Thank God It’s The Weekend

TGIF and TGITW. I’ve started to appreciate these acronyms much more this year. If you are not sure what it is, you must be living a stress-free life filled with fun every single day. Anyways, TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Friday and TGITW stands for Thank God It’s The Weekend. So why exactly have I come to appreciate them more? I’ve been using it almost unforgettably every Friday, whether is it on my twitter or just verbally saying it to friends and family. Yes, I’ve come to love and appreciate weekends much more simply because weekdays are killing me.

This feeling, that the current year is so much more hectic than the previous, reoccurs every major leap in life, my life at least. I mean, just look at the posts I have written at my site! Every year there will be rants, and for every rant there will definitely be one on how the year is so tough and stressful. What is so exceptional this time is that the stress and fatigue is building up right from the very start. Usually it is when the examinations are near when I start to feel the pressure, not this time; there are deadlines here and there, drafts to be done, philosophy to bullshit, homework and your usual school stuff. To think that I thought my primary school life was crazy back then.

This year is a whole new challenge for me. Having joined a sports co-curriculum activity, not only does my mental strength gets tested but my physical body as well. It is tough with 3 training days a week (soon to be 4). Juggling between work, play and my sport is taxing on the body and mind. It will be over soon anyways if I don’t make it to the team (high chance of that happening), but as of now I’m tired, real tired. Therefore, TGITW, time when I finally get some rest before school starts again.

I shall now rest, play some video games and… continue doing some school work (lots of backlog to clear and catching up to do, sigh). To think I’ve got the time for my own leisure activities. Ah the irony, the irony! Nevertheless, TGITW.

P.S All-Star Weekend people! Time to watch amazing happens.

[image by: fixler via flickr]

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