How-To Record 1080p HDMI Footage (PS3 and Other Devices)

This guide’s main purpose is to introduce a device that will aid in recording HDMI output from whichever sources you have. This is particularly helpful for recording 1080p footage from say the Playstation 3 (PS3). The “only” way to record PS3 footage is through component cables and while that provides pretty good 1080i quality, it is not exactly the full 1080p that we want. There are also many other reasons why HDMI is preferred over component (from the recorder’s point of view); in my case, my PC monitors do not support component input and thus requiring converters to get the output displayed. There are several different types of devices that will help you but here is one of the most readily available one out there.

DVI to HDMI Converter

The above is a DVI + SPDIF to HDMI converter. DVI only carries video signals and for people using DVI to HDMI cables, they will need to run a separate sound cable to enable sound. The converter helps to encode both the digital sound and video signals together and transmit it through HDMI output. So how does this device exactly help in our recording?

The reason why you are unable to record HDMI output from sources such as the PS3 is because the HDMI signals are encrypted. This encryption is called the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection or HDCP in short. This encryption prevents you from recording any footage directly from the source’s HDMI output. What this converter does is that it “mess” up with the re-encryption. Why “mess”? That’s because the product specifications state that there is HDCP carrying over in the output. However from experience, this does not seem to be the case. They must have messed up their encryption process somehow.

This is a rather touchy subject and this post is in no way encouraging anyone to do anything illegal. The converter introduced just happens to do some magic with the HDMI output to allow it to be recordable. It is after all just a DVI + SPDIF to HDMI converter. The connection part should be self-explanatory and in doubt do watch the video as it touches a little more about the additional things you might need.

For those wondering if there will be a drop in quality of the footage my answer is, yes. Small noticeable changes.

P.S I have written guides that give detailed instructions as to recording footage (PS3/XBOX 360 and PC) with the Hauppauge Colossus.

P.P.S Monoprice and eBay holds the mentioned converter.

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